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H.O.G.® National & Local Chapter Membership

Please note that you must be a National H.O.G® member Join Nation Hog @ National Hog before joining any local H.O.G.® Chapter. 

Remember, at Fort Bragg H.O.G.® you can always come as a guest!

NATIONAL: Harley® Owners Group (H.O.G.®)

Full: Entitles you to all the benefits of H.O.G.® membership for the term of your enrollment.
Associate: To become an associate member, you must be sponsored by a Full or Full Life member. Associate membership entitles you to many, but not all of the benefits of H.O.G.® membership for the term of enrollment.
Full Life Member:
Associate Life Member:

Local: Fort Bragg H.O.G.® Chapter

Individual: The National H.O.G.® criteria to join a local chapter states: you must be a Full, Associate, Full Life, or Associate Life H.O.G.® member to join a local H.O.G.® Chapter.
Husband/Wife: For both spouses to be members of MB H.O.G.® each spouse will need a National Membership. One spouse may join as a Full member and the other as an Associate member.

If only one spouse has a National Membership, the other spouse may come to fort Bragg H.O.G.® Chapter meetings, events, and rides as a GUEST.


National H.O.G.®: enrollment period is one, two, or three years from the date of application.


Application Date =  06/01/23

Expiration Date:
One year = 06/01/24
Two years - 06/01/25
Three years =  06/01/26

Local Fort Bragg H.O.G.®: The enrollment period is one year (January 1 to December 31), Renewable every December

Join the Fort Bragg Chapter 

Fort Bragg Chapter #2274. is a local chapter sponsored by Fort Bragg Harley-Davidson in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We invite you to attend our chapter meeting or be our guest on a chapter ride.

Our monthly meetings are in the HOG room at Fort Bragg Harley-Davidson on the first Saturday of each month (unless a Holiday weekend) at 10 am. Please come early to sign in.

Just $24 a year for all the fun you could imagine. For many of our members, the chapter has become a second family. Life-long friendships were started with one common bond...The love of riding Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. They met at a chapter function and the rest is history. It all boils down to meeting new people, riding, eating, camaraderie, and having a lot of fun together. You can download the H.O.G. Chapter membership form here. Please complete and return the form with your Chapter dues.

Bring the forms with you to our next chapter meeting.